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When we're fully alive, intensely excited about the task at hand, we feel the exhilaration of our vitality. We're focused, as if swimming with the tide. The wind is at our back and we feel as though we ’re being pushed by some invisible force. We move forward as if suspended from above. We move with ease, breathe deeply, smile easily. In the swing of time, we skip and literally jump with joy.

Fortunately, we can train ourselves to be in the swing of time. We must be prepared in order to activate this elevated mood: we need to be present-mindful, we need to stay in this flow state, we need to allow ourselves ample time to do a task or complete an experience without rushing. When we hurry, we snuff out the pleasure of whatever we are doing; we become anxious, frustrated and lose our awareness of the moment we are living. We make mistakes because we aren't able to think clearly. Hurry-scurry causes confusion.

We don’t have the full force of our five senses. Speeding up the process with undue haste can be and often is extremely dangerous. Jumping a traffic light is shortsighted. A woman who worked in an eyeglass shop in Michigan was paid in ten parts of an hour on the time clock. If she was late, she'd lose the entire hour’s pay. One morning she overslept and rushing to work she got into an automobile accident, lost four days of work, and did two thousand dollars' worth of uninsured damage to her car.

A friend of mine runs storytelling in business classes for local organisations. He tells the tale of when a college student came home for a vacation, he was singing in the shower, washing his hair, thoroughly enjoying himself. In between song notes he heard the telephone ring. He rushed to answer it, slipped on the marble floor, skidded into the bedroom and broke a window with his elbow. What is the lesson to learn from this unnecessary accident? When taking a shower, enjoy the shower.

After you’ve finished and dressed, check your phone machine for a message. Suppose when you leave the house in a rush, you forget your grocery list. Being distracted by trying to remember what to buy, you lock your keys in the car with your baby still in his car seat. Have you ever left your credit card at a restaurant because you left without thinking? Some people have a habit of rushing even when they have no place to go. This sense of urgent hurrying is graceless, frantic and a poor use of your time alive.

There is a rhythm to life. Being in the swing of time completes each ex- perience in a satisfactory and satisfying way. We must take time to enjoy this swing state. There is a great exhilaration in being in touch with the process of our lives. We ’re more alive when we ’re aware of the series of actions we take as we do myriad things throughout the day. When we ’re in the swing, we ’re able to train our mind to think more clearly, become more aware and more vitally alive. Every chore, each grace note, every pleasant or necessary activity, will have more meaning, be more fun, and be more lively when we ’re in the swing, in sync with time.