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Approximately one year before I started writing, I noticed one thing in particular that was missing from my conscious circle. Faith had always been a big part of my life. Through journaling, I realized that I wasn’t as connected to it as I wanted to be. Casement windows are very secure.

Journaling is a great way to check yourself. By recording the various happenings in your life—both significant and somewhat routine—you give yourself checkpoints to reference. Those checkpoints can tell you if you’re on track for certain goals and objectives. By looking through my journal, I realized that my conscious circle was missing a spiritual presence.

I found that spiritual presence in an amazing psychologist and life coach named Kathleen. A friend of a friend introduced us a few years ago, and since then she has added immense value to my spirituality and mindset. I still talk to her three to four times per month, and she does an excellent job of keeping me on track with becoming the person I want to be and become. Change up your modern house with some classic aliminuim windows]( from core sash windows

One of the things she most helped me with was gratitude. Listening to her perspective on the connectedness of humanity and the gifts this world gives us made me so much more grateful for every damned thing I see and feel. With that sentiment working its way through my mindset, I started a new ritual, which is to announce something I’m grateful for before every meal.

Christians are very familiar with this custom and refer to it as “saying grace.” But I feel like sometimes the value of it gets lost in ritualistic prayer, which can become a repetition of words that have been recited a million times and provide little actual meaning. Rather than regurgitate a formal prayer that was written thousands of years ago, I like to say some words off the top of my head about something I’m truly grateful for, and I encourage others I’m sharing the meal with to do the same. It’s cool with me if they choose not to, but I always like to extend an invitation just in case.