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Use SEO tags: HTML tags that are commonly used for search engine optimization also benefits accessibility. Providing concise and complete title, meta descriptions, header, and tags, as outlined earlier, help search engine bots as well as readers and other assistive technologies.

Use a website sitemap: Be sure to use a sitemap in case your navigation is too difficult for readers to pick up. This will provide an alternative way for readers to pick up all the pages of your website.

Other considerations to improve accessibility: Accessibility can affect the overall user experience, which can affect SEO Agency performance in the long term. Be sure to consider these additional tactics to make your site even more accessible: Include a telephone number, chat, or email for visitors to request more information in an accessible manner. Conduct periodic testing with disability groups to provide feedback on any content readability issues. Make sure your website is designed to be displayed using the color and font of settings of a visitor's browsers and operating system to cater to the needs of visitors who need enhanced visuals.

Set Up a Good Site Architecture

When setting up a website architecture, there are key rules to consider for user experience and SEO success. It's important to follow these core principles when kicking off design discussions for your website and web page templates. A website and web page should be

Easy to discover: Make content and web pages easy to find through clear navigation that requires as few clicks as possible to find desired content and good search engine optimization, which links users directly to the most relevant content.

Relevant to a user's needs: Consider the user's intent and needs. In addition to standard product content, build content that answers common questions around your brand and product category. Consider what kind of content is likely needed for each stage of the conversion funnel.

Easy to share: Share ability is an extremely important facet of good architecture for a few reasons. It can help garner more views and links. It can reach users who aren't coming to your site or haven't been there before, which can build awareness and help other marketing tactics (retargeting, etc.).