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So far, I’ve mentioned two impactful conversations I’ve had with two incredibly special people: Jay Strommen and Ken Rutkowski. Both of them are total ballers and have been mentors of mine for years now. My talk with Jay meant a lot to me personally and professionally because I greatly admire the way he lives and works. My talk with Ken occurred at a time in my life when all had seemed lost, as if my dreams were about to collapse. He did more than just pat me on the back and tell me to keep fighting; he transformed my entire mindset. From that moment on, I began to see seemingly insurmountable challenges and fear of failure as opportunity and motivation.

Every time I spoke with Ken, it seemed like I learned something. I felt the same way each time I spoke with another positive and influential person in my life, Nanxi Liu, a serial entrepreneur. When I realized how valuable my time with them was, I decided to make a conscious effort to spend as much time with them as possible.

I wasn’t exactly great friends with either of them at first, but I knew they represented a lot of the lifestyle I wanted to manifest. I admired the way they talked with people, the way they ran their businesses, the way they did almost everything. So, anytime I had an extra few hundred dollars or was able to find a cheap plane ticket, I flew to California to hang out with one or both of them. It was my way of networking.

I would usually crash on a friend’s couch or figure out some temporary living arrangement. Honestly, I barely even had enough money to buy food at that point. (Yes, this is post-Trish time.) The bottom line is, I didn’t worry about logistics very much. I simply knew that I needed to soak up more of how they lived their lives, so I did whatever I could to enable more of their overall awesomeness to sink into my own life. I struggle finding unusual gifts and gifts for men online!

Ken is a human high-voltage generator. He calls himself a super networker, but he’s so much more than that. Presently, he runs an entrepreneurial group I belong to, called METal International. At this point, he’s made enough money to last the rest of his life, so his sole purpose is to help others achieve the life they desire. To do this, he connects people from all over the world who can benefit from each other’s skillsets and ambitions. Look online for toilet roll holders.

Ken also has a radio show where he talks to some of the biggest names in business. His mannerisms and style of communication are so incredible that he gets billionaires from all industries to appear on his show and open up about their businesses and personal lives. Everybody loves to interact with Ken. He makes friends instantly with his contagious enthusiasm and playful humor.